Making More Sense of Our Spaces

Quintessential helps your city run at real-time. Sensors in a city need to respond quickly to keep people and moving objects safe and accurately understood. Our CNN Acceleration technology is well-suited for the microsecond detection and actionability that is mission critical for machine vision applications in city spaces and systems. The better a city can integrate its many complex components, the better it can serve its citizens, the less energy is used, the fewer resources are wasted, the safer we are and the less it costs the city. Let Quintessential improve your ROI.

• Smart Parking monitors meters and helps garages guide us to our spots
• Smart Utilities manage energy, natural gas and water distribution better
• Smart Transportation frees our minds, eyes and hands while using less fuel
• Smart Public Spaces manage safe occupancy, control access and monitor risk
• Smart Buildings improve environments, enhance public health and insure safety
• Smart Factories accelerate automated manufacturing, warehousing and transportation

Look for our White Paper and Use Cases in Summer of 2020!