Overcoming the
Headaches of Latency

Our proprietary method to accelerate machine learning accepts pixel data (or any data for that matter) at the maximum frame rate a camera can send, and starts processing before the frame even finishes loading. Our hyper-optimized solution reduces lag from milliseconds to microseconds, eliminating redundancy and enhancing real-time experiences. The future of entertainment, engagement and virtual reality needs to be real-time. This technology has the potential to change the robotics, augmented reality, health care, manufacturing, Esports, gaming and transportation industries virtually overnight. And it can make our cities safer, our engineering more accurate, our bills lower and our health better too.

Speed & Accuracy for All Vision Processing Applications:

• Reduces latency caused by processing bottlenecks
• Faster object detection, recognition and response
• Real-time environment plotting for augmented reality
• Maximizes frame rate through higher efficiency

Watch for our launch in Summer 2020!

Next Steps…

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